Past Routes and Schedules

Polly always knew she wanted to head west. That way the tough part -- the deserts of Arizona and California -- would be over and done with straight away and tackled while she was still in the romantic stages of her walk. So that she did. Polly started from her home in Vail, Colorado on August 1, 1999. She then crossed the Rocky mountains into the Navajo Indian Reservation of Arizona's high desert plain then down Route 66 through the Mojave Desert to the California Coast. Then Polly flew to New Zealand where she had lived for five years so walked into the arms of friends and a wonderful reception.

The Lions Clubs (which became involved in GlobalWalk shortly after Polly left Melbourne) have played a critical part in planning the routes and schedules as well as many other aspects of the Walk.  Local Lions Clubs from Melbourne on through all the Asian countries and into Greece and now England, Scotland and Ireland have "passed" Polly on from one local group to another, providing food, lodging, media support and local fundraising as well as vital local information on the best and safest routes and many times, police escorts.

In Mackay, Queensland in Australia, the local Lions inducted Polly into their Club and made GlobalWalk their own international project, helping to coordinate support and route selection as Polly moves from country to country. 

To date the route has looked like this:

August 1999 to October 1999:   Vail to Los Angeles
October 1999 to March 2000:    New Zealand
October 2000 to July 2001:     Melbourne to Port Douglas AU
August 2001 to January 2002: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
(denied or postponed visas to Burma and China)
January 2002 to April 2002:  Calcutta to Bombay, India
(flying over the Mideast countries on State Department advice)
May-June 2002:  Istanbul to Bodrum, Turkey
July 2002-October 2002:   Greek Islands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France,  Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands
October  through February 2003-:  Dover, England to Edinburgh, Scotland 
March-April 2003:  Belfast to Cork, Ireland
April-May 2003:  New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Up State New York
June 2003:  Niagara Falls, Ontario to Port Huron, Michigan
June-August 2003: Michigan, Wisconsin
September-October 2003:  Across Minnesota TWICE arriving in her hometown of Minneapolis October 16.
November-December 2003:  Southern Minnesota and Iowa
Christmas 2003-March 2004:  Snow break
March-June 2003: Missouri, Kansas 

In the Spring of 2004 Polly continued south into Missouri and across the great plains following the Santa Fe Trail through Kansas and into Colorado.