The GlobalWalk for Breast Cancer is a walk by one woman, Polly Letofsky, who had embarked on a 5-year, 15,000-mile walk around the world. This walk took Polly through twenty countries, over four continents, and 50+ pairs of shoes, in a fundraising and awareness effort for Breast Cancer.  

As she walked from country to country the Lions Clubs International are coordinating the fund-raising efforts--choosing the beneficiary breast cancer organizations in each country.  All funds raised stay in the country of origin.

In the United States, funds raised through Polly's efforts went directly to The Breast Cancer Fund, the renowned San Francisco based non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, support and advocacy. which is serving as the fiscal agent and beneficiary for the GlobalWalk. The Breast Cancer Fund was distributed to research programs aimed at uncovering the links between the environment and breast cancer.

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Throughout those months there had been miles of memories; Taking refuge from a lightening storm in a Colorado ghost town, surviving a Ute Indian Sweat Lodge, getting rocked out of a deep sleep by an earthquake in the Mojave Desert, friends all joining hands as Polly romped into the Pacific Ocean, and of course, the scores of women from around the globe that have shared their stories of life with breast cancer.

The last steps of New Zealand ended in grand celebration. Breast cancer survivors from the Southland region joined her, as well as two babies, a puppy, her good pal Vicki from Denver, CO, even friends from Vail, CO, were on the phone walking her to Sterling Point. 

The local Maori tribe greeted Polly and the gang with song and prayer. After the four-month journey through New Zealand, the sacred soil Polly had been carrying since Cape Reinga was ready to be sprinkled into the long awaited Foveaux Strait. The soil originally came from the Maori people of Northland and, along with a blessing, was presented with instructions to carry it for safety and protection throughout their country. Polly was safe and well protected until the moment she walked out onto the rocks to sprinkle the soil into the Strait -- and then got pummeled by a big olí wave!

As Polly continued around the world, New Zealand was tough to beat. Views of the natural beauty, fruit stands every few miles, golden beaches, magical lakes, and its famed hospitality made it a perfect walking experience.